WATCH: New Deadcuts Video

Deadcuts has shared a music video for ‘Dope Girls’, taken from their EP of the same name. Directed by Natanya Louise Waybourne, it premieres above, taking in various flickering layers of analogue footage.

Formed in 2012, dark post-punk ensemble Deadcuts, made up of Mark Keds and Cass Browne (The Senseless Things), as well as Jerome Alexandre (The Skuzzies/Sylvain Sylvain) and Joseph Johns, fall somewhere in between Bauhaus and The Replacements. 'Dope Girls' takes its inspiration from Marek Kohn’s novel of the same name, which chronicles the eruption of British recreational drug use amidst xenophobia, murder and drug panic.

Frontman Mark Keds calls the track a "malevolent slow-burning meditation." The book's text from which the track takes its inspiration looks at how drug use became a larger issue, "'I’m coming in with the Dope Girls / I’m coming in with the Rogue Girls' being direct references to the book," he says. "Both illicit and illegal, the song draws the comparison between the East End of London of 100 years ago and its counterparts today.”

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