Manson - Part two

Charles Manson

Another revelation comes from an anonymous source but somebody who was very close to Polanski. According to Schreck this person was on the set of "Day of the Dolphin", a movie Roman Polanski was directing. It happened to be that very same day that upon hearing the slaughter of his pregnant wife, Polanski was reported to have said "I told Jay not to do business with those fuckers in Chatsworth".

He could only be referring to Jay Sebring and the Manson family who lived out in Chatsworth over the Santa Susanna Hills. The phrase Polanski used however is not exactly the first thing you'd think a man would say after hearing that his beloved pregnant wife and friends had been slaughtered. Richard Silbert who was the art director of many of Polanski's films had also been quoted as saying, "Toilets are flushing all over Beverly Hills", the minute the Tate murder hit the news. In other words everyone in Beverly Hills were flushing their drugs.

Leno And Rosemary LaBianca were the second victims to be killed by the Manson family on August 9th. They lived on Waverly drive in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles and ran a very successful grocery business. Tex Watson stabbed Leno LaBianca to death with a bayonet and Patricia Krenwinkel stuck a fork into his throat and carved the word "WAR" onto his stomach. Leslie van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel then wrote "Death to Pigs", "Rise" and "Helter Skelter" in Leno's blood on the wall. So again the question arises? What motive?

According to Nikolas Schreck a relative of Rosemary LaBianca told him Rosemary was a well-known acid dealer and was connected to the Genovese family. It is said that Rosemary also knew Sharon Tate and Tex Watson and dealt to all of the Hollywood scene.

Schreck goes on to add, "All that the Tate and LaBianca murders are, are a result of the prohibition of L.S.D., Mescaline and Psychedelic drugs". Not unlike the Mafia murders in Chicago in the 1930's over the prohibition of alcohol. The murder of Gary Hinman - committed by Susan Atkins and Bobby Beausoliel - was ordered by Danny De Carlo of The Straight Satans (a biker gang who also ran an auto theft ring with Manson) to force Hinman to pay up a thousand dollars for bad mescaline sold to them. When Danny De Carlo threatened Manson - Manson went to the house and cut Hinman’s ear - which Susan Atkins tried to sow back on with dental floss.

So why is Beausoliel still in prison to this day? He is coherent and sincere that he genuinely regrets committing the murder and is now a very different person compared to the sneering bad boy caught on film in 1969 - walking the prison aisle looking menacing. The Manson connection for sure has kept him in jail all this time.

Bobby Beausoleil was originally a guitar player in the sixties group "Love". Whilst imprisoned he also made an incredible soundtrack to filmmaker Kenneth Anger's "Lucifer Rising" and also starred in Angers "Invocation of my Demon brother". Beausoleil feels and with good reason that he has more than served his time - yet whenever parole hearing are scheduled the same old situation happens and he is aware that knowing Manson has kept him in prison all this time.

Chapter Five

Who Gained Most From Manson Being In Jail?

Vincent Bugliosi former Los Angeles deputy district attorney - who was responsible for putting Manson and those of the family who took part in the murders behind bars - did exceptionally well. It is rumoured that Bugliosi concocted a scheme in which to promise the family a plea bargain, but after the girls testified in court he reneged on the deal.

Bugliosi was desperately trying to climb up the political ladder and thought by imprisoning Manson it would gain him a “step up" into the political landscape. Bugliosi went on to write "Helter Skelter", the best selling true-crime book in publishing history - doubling his profits by selling the story twice to two separate television companies, followed by a book on the O.J Simpson case.

Danny De Carlo was said to have "snitched " on The Straight Satans, and concoct all types of madness to tell Bugliosi. "All the people that put me in here are all gone now", Manson recollects with a knowing grin and nod, n the documentary "Charles Manson superstar”.

"Helter Skelter is the District Attorney’s illusion. That's his trip....that's a reflection of his fear. His sex paranoia. It had nothing to do with me. Helter Skelter was a nightclub in the desert. It's where I run a poker game and shoot dice and I make money and ride around in dune buggies. Helter Skelter is confusion.”

When Manson finally got a chance to put on a defence, it was to an empty courtroom as the judge had been warned by Bugliosi that Manson's hypnotic powers may sway the judge into letting him free.

“It’s amazing how much money was made off Manson's name and those murders,” says Meechy Darko Of Flatbush Zombies. "No one ever thinks about that. All the press, all the news, all the magazines, all the movies, mini-series and countless…all the books...all the shirts...THEY made Manson a rock star."

Manson has been denied parole 12 times and is well aware he will never get out but has an entirely different take on the situation "I'm already out of this prison cell. I'm free...prison is in your mind".

Bugliosi made sure that he kept the media spin a continual thrust and essentially gave the era the scapegoat they were looking for. "Manson wouldn't have had any idealistic murder spree in mind", Nikolas Schreck adds. "Bugliosi totally exploited the case, and it's not the