Deadcuts / Dearly Beloved / Bash n Pop / Tour Diary Part Due

Tour: Bash &Pop /Deadcuts/Dearly Beloved Uk Dates

Location: Blackpool to London

Everything is pitch black, my heart is beating fast and I can just about breathe through this thick veil of heat -in front of me is a hill and dead ahead is an Angel with a staff, Lightning strikes the top of the hill and an electrical current passes through the Angel, Somehow this activates or provides the angel with speech , He/ she is completely See through yet glows bright. The Angel glares at me as if I have disturbed it from a greater purpose and I feel I'm about to incur its wrath. "I will only say this once -its the alchemy of all-one great law that defines a deeper truth ,all the half truths scriptures have revealed - even the most dumb animal will realise within time .." "Realise what?" I reply "That they know and have always known" the angel then fades away, I feel a rain drop on my forehead and I look up to see huge blackened clouds surround the open field, cherubs with sinister grins on their faces are reaching through the clouds and pouring buckets of water onto me. I jolt upright in my seat from this dream drenched in sweat. We are somewhere on a motorway -

Everybody is asleep except our tour manager Mr Nick Gough. How Nick stays awake baffles me, I've never seen him even touch a drop of alcohol yet alone drugs. I feel safe in the knowledge that he is sober -that he hasn't desecrated his own temple with poison (asides from the average McDonald's)

I reach for my dream diary and scribble the parts I remember down. I grab the water bottle to the side of me and guzzle away drifting back into slumber.

We are home I am lifted to bed. I hear Nicks voice whispering to the others in the street "Tomorrow everyone makes their own way - but I'll drive the backline there" and then that's it I'm out for the count. My alarm goes off - something's happening to my body I'm feeling relatively good considering I've barely slept and then I remember it's usually the fifth date that you get used to it.

I arrive stupidly early at The Garage for our soundcheck -we are all there asides from Mark who is trying to source a guitar as his was broken the previous night. Eventually a Senseless Things fan brings a blue Sg which string snaps after tuning it during soundcheck ...not a good sign.

When Mark arrives we agree to use a jazz master that Aaron had brought with him which incidentally belonged to the same guy who left me his Gibson Goldtop in his will. Mick Lynes we salute you. And then an unmistakable infamous musician with shades walks through the room ...he lifts his shades up and we have a quick hug "I barely recognised you at first " he replies "try taking those shades off " I laugh ,This ladies and gentlemen is Peter Perret former vocalist of one of the greatest bands the United Kingdom ever produced ..The Only Ones..and are criminally underrated to the uninitiated ."Its so good to see you looking well" we both say in unison "This is the first time I've seen you in daylight Peter!" We reminisce and talk for a good half n hour - probably the longest conversation we've had in all the years we've known each other - Memories are cast back to visiting Perret's beautiful house out in Forest Hill back in the day when I was a youngster looking at the beautiful antiques , playing a guitar that Johnny Thunders had played (as well as another Keith Richards had) and surrounded by the kind of vibe out of the movie Donald Cammel and Nicholas Roeg both directed entitled "Performance".

Peters wife Zeena walks in and we have a lovely long chat - sure we all bear the hallmarks of a life that has taken its toll and I'm so glad that we all made it through the hideous tunnel where the golden monkey sits on its throne ,spend any amount of time with this monkey and you'll wish you had a gun.

Aaron and I walk through the park -he is on a mission to get some cough sweets that are impossible to locate, after several shops we give up and head back to the venue -

As soon as we hit the stage we sound tighter than a.....(insert rude pun here). "Hold me up" and "Dereliction" are my favourite tonight you'll catch em on YouTube - we're playing fucking well tonight even if I do say so myself. The Jazzmaster actually really suits Mark - it looks and sounds perfect for his particular parts, we play "Kill Desire" and then come offstage .I grab a whisky n Coke and try to relax.There seems to be an influx of people who are insistent on coming backstage -


I receive a text from a fan telling me I'm rude for not coming out to say hello. A member of Dearly Beloved passes me a joint and my mother (who has come all the way from south London) quickly grabs it out of my hand mothers not messing about she just shakes her head and gives me I will beat your head in if you take anything look.

Bash n Pop deliver as usual - these guys literally have rock n roll etched into their DNA- John Perry comes over and asks if he can borrow my Gibson Goldtop, There's not much I wouldn't do for john (except that of course...I'm straight contrary to the rumours) and when him and Peter Perret Join Bash n Pop for "Another Girl,Another Planet" the audience can't help but go crazy- John is like a magus he conjures forth notes that are so eerie and soulful that it's literally magic in theory and practice , I can only look on in sheer awe and hope that one day I'll be half as good a guitar player.

john perry playing jerome alexandres guitar

So far everything has kinda runs smoothly right? wrong... I'm standing in the corridor when all of a sudden I see Aaron with a couple of beers stacked in his arms being chased out of Bash n Pops dressing room by their tour manage, he is absolutely furious ....Luckily Aaron spins him some yarn and turns on the South London charm and everything is forgotten and hugs are exchanged and laughs.

We do the usual pictures, sign albums and are back in the van again. Im perplexed as to what happens next asides from the fact that we have a massive amount of alcohol which is devoured instantly - and somehow I've got a bottle of Courvoisier and ice and Coke ...none of which I can remember how I obtained.

All I know is we delivered onstage -and I can finally say I've played a gig with Peter Perret ...well sort of...I'm so glad him and Zeena are alive and healthy, My eyes well up as I realise in my heart that we survived....Just. I look over at If I had to compare Mark to any British songwriter then it would be Perret

-they are both wordsmiths and extraordinarily talented.

As I get home and tuck myself into bed I'm suddenly aware that we've one more show left...

...Ramsgate music hall ....

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