Hit On All Sixess Diaries; an Introduction

Jerome Alexandre Deadcuts

HOAS diaries

Did Greetings ladies and gentlemen- Its no secret that during the era of making of our album Hit On All Sixess was a very troubled time for Mark, Cass, Aaron and I .For the majority of the recording I had a very serious Liver problem that came with feverish symptoms , muscle aches ,fatigue ,stomach cramps and nausea, in 2016 towards the final parts laid on the album I was given a new lease of life (Thanks to the staff at St Mary's Paddington ) it was a trial medication known as Sobosovir and Declattisfir and it cured my liver ailment , however whilst waiting for a cure I would use drugs to numb the pain ( twice a month) - but I'm proud to say Despite the extreme pain I was going through I never used whilst recording or playing live - I'm also happy to announce that I'm totally clean now which in coupled with ridding my illness is a blessing .What your about to read is the testimony of a band who seriously "went through it" when trying to make an album plagued with all kinds of bad luck.These rites of Passage are also in some sense cathartic , an exorcism of sorts.One evening Meechy Darko and I were sat on a roof garden in east London last summer with the rest of Flatbush Zombies who'd just performed at Wireless- we were all relaxing smoking fronto leaf and I told a story about the making of our record - All of a sudden Meech turned and said"Damnnnnnn you need to write a book"- Meechy has infinitely more great stories to tell than I - but in truth people friends, fans , associates all said the same thing and being a fan of people like Burroughs , Iggy Pop, Rick James , Boyd Rice, Johnny Thunders, ODB Alexander Trocchi and let's not forget Danny Sugarmans "Wonderland Avenue" these people were written about in books that are like religious tomes to me .I realised at a very young age that a lot of what makes an artist is their story .Rather than retell the story I've deliberately used diary entries so nothing is left out....Here begins the "Hit on all Sixesss" diary...

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