Bizarre coincidences around the recording of "Dark is the Night", Hit on all Sixess"

Mysticism, Symbols, Karma and their relation to Music / Bizarre coincidences around the recording of "Dark is the Night" , Hit on all Sixess" and "Aries "/"Some Nights" with Flatbush Zombies.

Greetings Comrades , Throughout the short course of my life on this earth I've seen a pattern emerge within humanity - it is my fervent belief that if your religious , or are in any shape or form connected to mysticism sooner or later this will spill out into what you do ,whether it be Architecture, Archaeology or Art. Nowadays the Occult is enjoying its renaissance that seems to come every ten years or so , and with the unlimited exploration of the Internet you can find out about anything from Sigils and Paintings of Austin Osman Spare to the Law of Sacred Geometry at the click of a button .Hell you can even purchase a varsity jacket with Alchemical texts on em ! .

If you've made it this far I'm guessing you are willing to look beyond the title and see what the fuck I'm banging on about. Mysticism has always been a part of music, since Pythagoras invented the numerical number of notes to The Beatles sticking Crowley on Sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band. The Beatles did this for more than just liking his aesthetic - they were more than aware that at least some of Crowley's ideas were deriguer with certain aspects of the sixties lifestyle and had certainly inspired the fab four to push forward with their musical experimentation, Mick Jagger made sure The Stones put some of this craft to good use- grabbing a Moog Synth and literally learning how to use it whilst pressing record on legendary filmmaker Kenneth Angers movie "Invocation of my Demon Brother" providing a dream like quality infused with static zaps of bio electrical fields. The video for their song " Child of the Moon " played with ideas of the tarot ,The Girl, the woman, and the old crone alongside a menacing Jones,Wyman,Richards and Watts ..... and who could forget the voodoo beat that literally transformed " Sympathy for the Devil" from a regular Rock track to a mesmeric hypnatone. Led Zeppelin put four separate symbols taken from A book by Edward Koch on Led Zeppelin IV not because it was a smelly/hippie/beardy thing to do -but because of Jimmy Pages absolute obsession with Magic (he would purchase Crowley's Bolsekine House and collect many occult artefacts ) and to evoke or invoke forces as an extra ingredient to add to an already mesmeric album, Page too would later be summoned to work on Kenneth Anger's Masterpiece "Lucifer Rising " but due to a falling out asked his original choice "Bobby Beausoliel" to do a score for the movie, Beausoliel is still serving a prison sentence for the murder of music teacher Gary Hinman and more than likely his connection to Charles Manson which in retrospect was very brief , Beausoliel is a very talented musician as well as painter and his connection to the mystical remains fervent.Legendary producer Joe Meek was notorious for visiting graveyards late at night and conjuring up otherworldly sounds in the 1950's when writing the track "Telstar "... just listen to his production on John Leytons "Johnny Remember me" close your eyes and you might envisage a dimly lit tiki bar with spirits surrounding the dance floor close them again and you might see James Dean's spirit driving a Cadillac across a moonlit desert at night.And don't forget Meek's production on "Jack the Ripper" by Screaming Lord Sutch (Damned vocalist Dave Vanian must of definitely been a fan) , The Doors first two records have their own darker take on the Sixties who set themselves apart from the stereotypes of the more naive that era, Albums By Psychic Tv, Coil and Death in June have always been encoded with symbols and REAL mysticism -not some watered down new age shite or terrible Heavy Metal albums that would exploit ideas that the boneheads behind such awful music would struggle to understand .

There are literally hundreds of albums one could mention, and symbols are integral.When David Bowie or Throbbing Gristle used a lightning bolt ( not unlike Mosley's fascist flags) they understood the archetypal militant aesthetic that would set them apart to make them look more like a movement than an artist or music group-no particular political idealism just the strength the images conveyed ,Same with The Wolfsangle or Cross of Lorraine, Boyd Rice would utilise these symbols to reflect the hypnotic nature of his music-be it his loops, noise or spoken word, ironically it wasn't till later on that he found the history of these symbols and their meaning which complemented exactly what Boyd would intrinsically feel his music was reflecting, the very principles of "Duality" thing in the ancient times that was common knowledge long before such ideas as good and evil existed. Jaz Coleman would remark in the Killing Joke documentary movie "Death and resurrection show" that they would channel certain grid points into their music utilising the energy to add an extra sonic charge and one night during a concert at Reading Hexagon the four members were unaware they were actually performing on a grid point and all experienced as drummer Paul Ferguson remarks "Everything slowing down", guitarist Geordie recalls the moment when they realised they were all witnessing the same thing "I look over at Jaz and he's like what the fuck is going on?" -this was just a taste of many magical ideas Killing Joke would employ from using the Gemetria system (numerology applied to tempos of songs) to recording in the Kings Chamber in the pyramids of Egypt.

Karma is a perpetual cycle, but however their were times when I felt that music could also predict or make bizarre things occur. During the recording of Deadcuts first album "Dark is the night" (recorded at ex drummers Trevor Sharpe's home studio) Keds and I wrote a track with Beatrice Brown entitled "Floods" - no sooner had we recorded it -we took a break and turned the news on the TV... and there it was half of the midlands and other parts of the Uk under water. During the track "DK" short for "Dead kid" Mark and I went outside the studio which was opposite Haggerston train station and you could see the tracks, the electric timetable of incoming trains and people waiting for them. Out of nowhere I looked up and saw a girl who could have been no more than 19/20, she looked as if she was completely out to lunch on Ketamine or another hallucinogen and was walking on the tracks - I yelled at her "Get off there's a train coming in five minutes", she turned looked blankly through me and just carried on walking. It looked like she was ascending the end of the platform to climb back onto it so we assumed that she was partially aware that walking on train tracks is a bad idea and had come to her senses so we went back to recording. When the song was finished we decided to catch the last train ....Except Haggerston station was closed with the sign "due to an incident there will be no trains tonight" -later the next day a guy who worked the ticket booth informed us that the girl had literally jumped onto the train tracks around 8.45 exactly a few minutes before Mark and I went back into the studio. Very sad. A Church Pulpit was added amongst many of the strange features in Trevor's Warehouse conversion which would emit a strange mist and can be seen in the "Summon the witches" video. Other bizarre instances would be the ghost of what looked like a grumpy builder in overalls stomping up and down as if to say he didn't appreciate the noise in the recording room that I'd see whilst recording guitar takes, I told Trevor fully expecting to be laughed at but he agreed he had also seen this apparition during recording drum takes .

The follow up album "A Hit on all Sixess" should have been easy to record as majority of the songs had been written, but it's impossible to document ALL the events that fucked with getting the album finished yet alone all the different ways it was held up without writing a three hour essay. Now, at the time of writing, the LP is due to be released on the sixth anniversary of the band's formation which gives an extra definition to the title, and as usual, bizarre stuff happened during the recording..

Even at the start of the record things started to become very tough. We were tested a lot in fact on all levels, Mark had developed an eating disorder, Cass had family problems and I was fighting a liver disease that made every day feel like My entire body was engulfed in flames. And to even walk to the studio was like climbing Mount Everest, I was luckily offered a trial for a new drug which was incredibly lucky (it costs something in the region of 30 grand) but was given to certain people who were willing to take the trial, and luckily I am now cured. But the saga continued even after the album was recorded the production took another year to get done which in itself opened all kinds of sagas. Mortality was a reoccurring theme -We lost many friends and I lost an ex girlfriend who had taken her own life - followed by a close friend Mr Mick Lynes who would pass away from Cancer and my friend Maria Mcormack who was John Perry's (Only Ones guitarist) Partner who was Bonnie to his Clyde. And then a very odd occurrence happened that would change my life and perspective on negative emotions, I'd always had a very strange tumultuous relationship with my father - and much to my regret we would meet only a handful of times, he was a phenomenal drummer who played with Jeff Beck, Killing Joke, Tears for Fears, Robert Plant, Tony Iomii (Black Sabbath guitarist), Paul Weller, The Pretenders and Manfred Manns earth band to name a few and was a known master of the open hand technique .

And as much as I'd admired him it took until my mid twenties to actually track him down, our relationship was incredibly rocky and he'd often cancel on meeting me at the last minute (we only met six times), Andy Clark who also played with my father in a group called Upp with Jeff Beck, and also play with Bowie, Desmond Dekker, Sam Gopal and more raised me as his own, not only was Andy present at my birth but actually has always been more of a father in terms of actually being present and mentoring me musically. One Night I decided to cast the runes as a means of finding an answer on wether my relationship with my biological father would lead to anything more than the occasional two hours we'd spend together when he came to visit London, the runes I'd cast that night told me that there'd be a symbolic representation of what to do about the pain it was causing me, and sure enough I watched a movie that evening that was incredibly accurate, In this film there was a father/son dynamic a lot like ours and it ended with the Son murdering his father -I was well aware this was a symbolic way of telling me to "let go" not to literally kill! As I traveled to Marks studio to record a track entitled "The Purge" I informed my mother perhaps it was time to call my father and tell him I was severing our relationship, that I had to accept it wasn't going to work out as I planned. She warned me not to do anything rash and I assured her it'd be a few days before I'd decide about how to do this -I began to read a rare Occult tome as I travelled across Docklands light railway on my way to the studio. This book had a chapter that spoke of being able to disconnect from a person whom your related to that had harmed or wronged you, I didn't get to finish the chapter but I explained when I got to Marks studio to Mark and Natanya how one had to do this ritual in the darkest part of a house where there was no outside light. We began to put vocals for "The Purge" down and We sung the line "I seek out the broken - my familial guilt and shame" - the second that line was sung ALL of East London's lights went out for a minute, when they came back on we all breathed a sigh of relief and Natanya hinted that it might be a good idea to put the book away -as I slipped it into my bag the phone rang -my fathers ex wife then told me that my father had been admitted to hospital that evening and later tests found he had Leukemia. It was really fucking sad and in May 2017 he was given weeks to live, my brothers and I visited him in hospital and said our goodbyes, and the second I returned to London my brother called me and informed me that he'd passed onto the next plain. it fucked with my head to say the least ...and to this day it never leaves me. Coincidence? Or not it leaves many unanswered questions.

Then Came "Opium Style" ...During the rehearsals of " Opium Style" Mark encouraged us to sing the chorus with him "Someone had to pull the trigger- someone had to take the fall" - when I asked Mark about the lyrics -Mark told me he literally was writing down what sounded like something being dictated to him -something otherworldly, this session was particularly cathartic, surreal and verging on violence, we came out sweating like we'd just run a marathon .It was not your average "rehearsal" by any means and sure enough as I was leaving with the boys on the train it flashed up on my phone that there'd been a mass shooting at the Bataclan in Paris that evening at an Eagles of Death Metal Concert. It left me feeling sick - how many people had lost there lives for the simple reason of going to enjoy a concert, how their parents and loved ones were left feeling bereft and all in the name of terrorism. We weren't sure if we wanted to record or play that song afterwards - but we decided that silence is akin to submission, is Mark is a lyrical Nostradamus? Or again is it a coincidence I don't know ..but for good or I'll let's use that gift despite the revelations that are forthcoming.

This next tale has been told in interviews past and previous but it's a classic. In February 2013 Peter Doherty approached Deadcuts about doing two gigs in Paris with him at La Mariqounerie .It sounded too good an offer to pass up so we agreed-one slight problem ....I had no passport. To attain a passport even if yours was stolen (like mine at the time) took up to a month. I panicked and went to see a trustworthy witch, she told me to hold the Algiz Rune in my right palm and that I would be safe and could cross borders no problem. I wasn't exactly Convinced but I didn't exactly have a choice - the day came and I hid under the couch in the tour vehicle and it was unbelievable! We got there safe and sound!. Two sold out nights at the mariqounerie where the audience were amazing and on the second night we'd join Peter onstage for "Pipedown" which was great and followed by the not so great version of "Twist and shout". Every moment was a blast -we ran around Pere Lachaise Cemetery frightening the locals - and enjoyed a great party at Peters beautiful apartment he shared with his girlfriend katia and the ballerinas (Celine and Octavie) all lived. On the way home though our tour vehicle came off the Motorway leading to the French border and collided with the Customs Booth. We were very close to missing our boat but the customs officers naturally had reason to suspect we were up to no good, an inspector clouseau type complete with pencil moustache shone a torch directly where I was hiding, he literally looked into my eyes - Mark admitted to me he was wondering what the french cell was going to look like that he thought any minute they were about to shove us into, and I froze gripping the rune - sniffer dogs jumped aboard but for whatever reason none of them found me. As we drove off I felt such relief -as we were driving onto the boat a book on the Occult fell to the floor, and which page did it fall on? The page about how Crowley believed he could make himself invisible -stranger still was a picture of the exact rune that I had in my possession.I made it back to the Uk unscathed ...just.

The last tale begins at an Occult festival entitled "Come to the Sabbat" founded and hosted by artist Jason Atomic which every year screens films, life drawings, A Satanic book fair and flea market and performance. Deadcuts have had the privilege to perform at two of these -One in which we played experimental loops with Mark Reading Carl Jungs "Seven Sermons of the Dead" (an Ode to the gnostic God Abraxas), A Black Mass In which I used samples of my voice and live guitar backed up by electric violin from Takatasuna whilst the Mass was recited by Nicolette Wilde and Various models baring their breasts (some totally disrobing) whilst trampling on the cross. And a live set Deadcuts did in which at the end everybody was told to write down their desires or wishes on a piece of paper that would be attached to a Firework Rocket and dispatched to the sky. I wrote on mine that I would like Deadcuts to record a track with Flatbush Zombies. That evening was informed that we could not fire the rocket off Blackfriars bridge as intended. So a few nights later the Rocket was filmed being sent into the sky with all wishes intact over Canary Wharf and Limehouse. That very same night the film and Rocket was filmed blasting into the cosmos was the night at a studio in Limehouse Erick Arc Elliot of Flatbush Zombies would record his Vocals/raps on "Some Nights " a track that Cass had constructed, This time I layered a very rhythmic palm muted guitar along with another guitar swamped in reverb, and a chorus Mark then knocked stealthily together in seconds at 5 am-Erick was so impressed by Marks vocal sound which then led to us recording another song "Aries" with Flatbush Zombies for Marvel Comics series" Black Panther ". Being a massive fan of Flatbush Zombies music which has a complete style of its own despite lazy journalists labelling it Hip Hop working with them was a dream come true - I actually admitted to Erick that night that I'd attached a wish to a rocket and to top it all off we listened back to his raps on "Some Nights " and the first word he says is "Ritualistic" .

So one could say show me the proof ....but here are just a fraction of the experiences this band has had - and already when the Wolf Moon aka Supermoon shone heavily at the start of this year Mark and I lit a candle and utilised the energy of the moon. The very next day an incredible offer came from an iconic vocalist who is one of our favourite and a massive inspiration to Deadcuts offering to collaborate with us on our next e.p -until it's all in writing I'm going to keep my mouth shut ...such is the nature and law of the universe.


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