The Gospel of Vengeance: Manifesto

The Gospel of Vengeance: Manifesto

  1. I will not deny that I derive a substantial amount of pleasure from imagining torture or in some cases death of those who hath wronged me !

  2. It is only fear of my liberty compromised or being detained for an extended period that stops me from slaying my adversary !

  3. Those who do not possess manners, intellect , decency or are of a pompous pious nature do not deserve to breed ! To the guillotine with them !

  4. Those who are cowardly in nature - must possess another refined quality ..if there is none to be found then what is their worth? They are invisible ..except to the steel jaws of the blade !

  5. The fool who cannot air their thought without hysterical tongue clucking or in a dignified manner should have their mouth sown shut !

  6. All sex is lesser violence

  7. He or she that would have you believe they are a strong archetype but is simply playing for popularity's sake must be put to the test!

  8. If someone wants to take your Wife , Lover , Partner or other possessions that are of value to you, must be led to believe they can , when such fiends strike thrash them within an inch of their lives!

  9. If you must run from a group of hoodlums find a hiding place , make sure each one is separated from one another , then out of the blue turn , beat and beat well!

  10. Keep adversary's skulls as decorations!

  11. If you or your loved ones lives are threatened then killing in retaliation is not a crime - if you be the victor celebrate and rejoice !

  12. It is neither childish , frivolous or inane to dream of revenge - it is the calling of the true noble savage !

  13. If you cannot beat - curse , they both achieve the desired effect !

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