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Okay second stab at this yo.

I wrote a blog in the early hours of Saturday morning with the genuine intention of apologising for Deadcuts no show as the final act of the 3 day punk rock revue free festival at the Unicorn in Camden Road on Sunday 1st July. It was entitled "i fucked up" and after lengthy discussions with the band who, like me, were gutted we didn't get to perform, the idea being some kind of explanation was needed.

So with every intention of owning the mistake that led to our performance being pulled, and no doubt hindered by the 72 hour days / lack of sleep I've had while working on the video to Single, preparing demos for the 3rd LP and of course rehearsing for both gig and record, i put pen to paper and judging by the reactions I've had since i can list definetely confirm that it was more than a poor choice of words on my part: having read the piece with fresh eyes (and after catching up on some sleep I get why so many people took issue with the post, including other members of Deadcuts-one very nearly quitting the band over it.

mark keds, blackchapel, july 2018

So I'll try again, this time focusing on what I originally wanted to express:

My humblest apologies firstly to Nina Courson and Phil Honey Jones - the promoters of the festival. I consider them both close friends - i gots love for them both - they're regular guests at the Blackchapel and it truly weren't my intention to criticise them in any way.

Secondly, and of equal importance, my sincerest apologies to everyone who came hoping to catch a full Deadcuts live set for free. The band had been rehearsing all week with new drummer Perry and we wanted to make the gig one or our best.

Sadly, the cab driver bringing Jerome over to me to pick up Natanya and the amps got lost and ended up at at Sydney Street in Chelsea-miles away from my gaff which is Sidney Street in Stepney East London..I was reluctant to go down to the festival earlier in the day as I'm currently trying to remain tea total for the time being so me and the band can deliver a killer third LP and a no hassle uk tour later this year. I've even given up cigs for the first time ever, not easy for me so I'm being mindful of where i spend my time at the mo as I'm really trying to avoid the temptations of social drinking and smoking in particular.

massive apologies to all concerned and to all who read this - love always - all the way yo.

I can't stress how gutted I'd be if i fucked up this current endeavour- Reveal the Love really looks like being a very special record. Oh! that video for Single that Natanya Louise Waybourne has been working on for over a fortnight now is almost complete - I'm very excited to see the finished result! Soon come...

Biggest love to y'all,

God bless Mark Keds xxx

PS to get involved in the making of Reveal the Love check out this link :

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