Reveal the Love

From hereonin I'm gonna keep uploading new demos, ideas and works in progress to Deadcuts SoundCloud page while #RevealtheLove is being recorded.

Deadcuts June 2018

I just uploaded two tracks this afternoon - one is a wicked cover version of the Gun Club's Walking with The Beast with Beatrice Brown recorded right back when the Dark is The Night sessions very first began with producer Harvey Birrell (who's back with us again for our third LP0. the other is an early imagining of a song which is definitely shaping up to be an LP highlight - Just You - stripped down, tripped out, awaiting Perry's groove (and a few BPM notched up on the tempo too now i hear it back!)

Still, captures a mood.

After the protracted chaos of making Hit On All Sixess i'm really keen to involve as amny of you as are innarested in the creative process this time out.

Reveal the Love is the record i've always dreamed of making;best songs, best band, no limts!

This ship is about to set sail yo!

god bless xxx Mark

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