Death before Dishonour

As the year draws nearer to a close - we're celebrating surviving another jaunt on the Kali Yuga Cycle. Despite a few hiccups here and there much was accomplished.

At the start of 2018 "Hit on all sixess" finally got a release in February ,The launch at Dropout studios was an adrenaline filled saga that cast Sixess ghosts out from the ether and into eternity ,many of you travelled from parts of the globe to be there and we cannot stress enough how glad we were to celebrate with you it's release.A bonus that month was the release of "Fruit Punch Bora Bora" and "Fuschia" tracks Aaron and I guested on for Erick Arc Elliot's (Flatbush Zombies) "Arcstrumentals" ~ a very fulfilling experience for us.Mark also guested on Herbaliser's track "Twenty years" which saw a release on march 2nd a poetic dub soaked in the blood of Stepney.From Coven at Slimelight to the Halloween gig at Underworld with The Kut and Sleaze we reveled in the hidden and law of the forbidden. Finally finishing up at a festival we exorcised the shadows of a an uncertain year ~on the centre stage where Mr Luigi Rampino ( Our new drummer) made his debut-the benefits now mean Deadcuts can be much more consistent with the right individuals involved-Not having a permanent drummer was an issue that affected us badly Particularly when we had tour dates lined up -this wound was soothed by the tremendous opportunity supporting bands we've admired since teenagers Christian Death, The Chameleons and Killing Joke ~all groups that have inspired us.A new booking agent is now in the process of organising next years gigs which means Mark and I can just concentrate on what we do best (writing) and we are already in the process of demoing our next record which is without doubt the best material by far -plus not forgetting the E.p we began working on with Kane Groceries back in 2016 will also finally be available .

Possible Future collaborations with Sleepisformortals, Remy Banks and Joe Cardamone also look promising.There will also be a short film on Deadcuts coming out featuring plenty of never before seen footage as well as the "Single" video premiere.For years I declined invitations to join "Occult " groups but when Boyd Rice asked me to be part of Order of the Trapezoid I could not resist ~I'll be contributing essays and interviews to our page early in the new year so keep your eyes peeled for that.Health wise I've given up drinking ( of which you probably are aware of since I made a song and dance about it on Facebook ) and Mark has given up cigarettes and is exercising daily ~ all these steps are towards being able to give total devotion to our craft.As the ship sailed we struck a few icebergs and I must admit I nearly gave in to the voice of despair -suffering a crisis which many artists get "Should I continue?" but throughout these hurdles strength of spirit have prevailed .To all of you who came to see us perform, bought a single/album/ download etc we thank you from the bottom of our black hearts - We would surely cease to be if we didn't have your support and trust.The future dare I say it looks very bright indeed for Deadcuts - and for four misanthropes we await 2019 with an overwhelming degree of alacrity!

The first hundred years are the toughest ! Better death than dishonour! .

jerome alexandre 23.12.2013

jerome alexandre

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