Mark is back and selling his amp yo

“Having had a well deserved 18 month break from life, in particular social media, the music industry and certain toxic people i am indeed well and truly back from the grave, or at the very least a dark, dark place. I’m happy to announce that I’m not only alive but i'm feeling not too bad, while still recuperating from a long undiagnosed sickness which is looking more and more likely to be nothing more serious possibly than a very severe case of asthma. It appears my body has been responding well to recent treatments and so long as i maintain certain daily tasks, take care of myself, particularly my diet and avoid any stressful situations then there’s no reason to doubt that I may be able to make a full and complete recovery. yes it’s true I was at death’s door on more than the one occasion since before even lockdown number one kicked in here in the UK back in March 2020 though ...

I’m now generally much happier in my living situation and with the medical attention I am now receiving. However it is at a cost - acupuncture and even my inhalers don’t come for free these days so in order to cover costs, in the short term I’m selling my Vox AC30HW on eBay this weekend, auction ends at 10.30pm on Monday night 30.11.2020. It’s a fantastic boutique amp bought in 2012 for Deadcuts first gig at London’s Signal Gallery and subsequently used at most gigs I’ve played since including both Senseless Things reunion gigs in Hull and London. It records great too, having two separate hand wired channels - both totally independent of each other - one emulating the original 1957 AC30 and the other the 1963 - present day model. It also has a master volume fitted, comes with Celestion Greenback Speakers and can be run at half power (15watts) - a handy feature when not playing enormous venues :) It is an extremely loud beast ! Records great too and was heavily used by Jerome Alexandre (both channels) and myself on both Deadcuts LPs....As it retailed at about £1600.00 new (and is now, as of very recently out of production) I’ve set a low starting price of £750. Ever hopeful I’ve decided that anything it sells for above and beyond £1000 I will donate 50% (less eBay’s fees) to London’s Centrepoint, Turning Point and Crisis charities for Xmas(if you don't already know who they are then please please check out the links below!)

So if you or anyone you know is in the market for an excellent all round guitar amp then check it out - the auction ends this coming Monday night 30th Nov at about 10.30pm. It’s currently stored at Blue Studios on Dalston Lane and collection would be from there for the winning bidder to arrange, with me.

Many thanks, good luck and my sincerest apologies to everyone who has worried or wondered where I’d gotten to....

”May all that is not well soon be much better yo”

God Bless

Mark Keds 2020

the eBay link to the amp :

Info on Centrepoint :

Info on Turning Point :

Info on Crisis at Xmas :

Mark and Jerome and the Vox AC30HW2 at Senseless Things Reunion gig March 2017 Shepherds Bush Empire

Picture by Lenie Mets Oct 2020 Sidney Street East London

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