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So, I was really hoping to sell my amp last weekend so I could firstly pay for my meds and go see my chinese acupuncturist, Dr Ye over in Richmond again this week as I couldn't afford to go last week and I've started to worsen, symptomatically-speaking almost immediately.

My sinusitis, which i've had for about 3 months or so now can be particularly bad on waking and lying down - it truly is a nasty fucker of a flu - and it's been making me really feel really low ever since i had a couple of weeks worth of antibiotics at the initial diagnosis (a side effect i'm no fan of!).

I'd been finally feeling a bit better these past few weeks, as i mentioned before - taking an 18 month break from work, social media and toxic people (who shall remain nameless) has been good for my mental health especially since making amends with the people involved with the making of Deadcuts 3rd LP, Reveal the Love. I can't afford to go and see Dr Ye again this week neithers and on top of that my medication for the month of December had been tampered with. Once again despite a telephone appointment with a new, and not particularly patient doctor at my surgery by the name of Dr Khaku the two salbutamol inhalers were both missing from my prescription. They are currently imho a very important and helpful part of the medication i'm currently receiving, along with the pills to treat the sinusitis itself, as they help me breathe when having an asthma attack, of which i have had numerous times almost daily since the on-set of the sinusitis, sometimes several times in one day depending on how i'm sleeping which at best can be chaotic as i also suffer with anxiety and insomnia.

Again, this has been a regular occurrence since early this year, and for what reason I have absolutely no idea, as I order my repeat prescription online as the surgery suggested.

However, ordering my repeat prescription online appears to be making it very easy for doctors that I do not know and who know little to nothing of my background to tamper, as i have been told at the pharmacy, with my script.. It's as if the doctor(s) involved, not my regular doctor(s), both young and new arrivals to my clinic have some personal grudge or agenda such is the regularity with which I have been experiencing problems.

I'm well aware i run the risk of sounding paranoid (which i am not) for i realise this can't in any way be personal however it's as if they're trying to cause me extreme aggravation, so bad is their interference, rudeness and meddling.

In particular Dr Khaku almost completely discounted the advice of a much more senior doctor I had talked to only the previous week, Dr Dunford , who is probably the longest serving and most senior physician there and whose advice I had previously found extremely helpful. Dr Dunford had prescribed me three weeks of pills to treat my sinusitis and as the pharmacy had mistakenly only given me a weeks supply I needed to book an online phone appointment (irritating not being able to see a doctor face to face but i understand the current restrictions and am grateful for any support whatsoever right now) and it was Dr Khaku who I pulled in the telephone lottery that is now nhs policy in my borough of Tower Hamlets - call in the morning(at 8am) to see if there is a Gp available slot that day, sometimes there is a pharmacist you can speak to instead of a doctor though i wouldn't recommend one of these for anything serious. I was just grateful I didn’t get one on this occasion as my friend who I had helped book an appointment only last week as she had similar symptoms to me had found the conversation / appointment next to useless and a waste of time. Not my business i agree and i only mention this as it is she who has had to go to back and forth to the chemist on my behalf generally stuck in a ridiculous loop of an argument where whatever i seem to do and however nice, flattering or grateful i appear to be the same problem just keeps reoccuring..

I digress, Dr Khaku went as far as not continuing one medication, a medication I was on that I was finding very helpful and also literally told me the exact opposite of what the more senior doc (Dunford) had said only the week before. Not only was this extremely confusing but I really felt like I wasn't being heard and almost felt at one point this younger doctor was trying to start an argument with me, albeit in a very puerile and childish way which struck me as extremely bizarre at the time. It feels personal though I know it can't be. It's almost as if the younger doctor has something to gain by limiting the number of inhalers I am dispensed, even at a critical time of my treatment, and in stark opposition to both the most senior doctor I know at my practice who is now unfortunately away on annual leave until 2021 and my own GP the excellent Dr Bains who has been nothing but helpful and diligent in her dealings with me for the best part of 10 years. I have no idea what or why and have no interest in the inner workings of my local health centre and only know that recently there has been a change in management. I am already watching what I say as careless talk does indeed do more than sink ships. It costs lives.

I certainly don't wish to do that or even cause any worry as to my own soundness of mind and I'm wary of people, with good reason too, confusing my depression and recent misfortunes as being an indication of a desire to die myself.

I am NOT suicidal currently in any way, shape or form and am trying my best to recover. Some things are going on at this moment in time that I do not understand and nonetheless find extremely frightening and disturbing. The #NHS is clearly not the institution it once was. The institution my grandparents fought to protect.

As recently as 2017 Aaron Scars and myself had publicity photos taken for a #SavetheNHS campaign that musicians were being asked to promote on Twitter. We were proud to be part of that campaign however I would now think twice about being party to anything like that soley down to my own bad, actually very bad personal experiences going back as far as early 2018 with the Royal London Hospital when i was admitted suffering from pneumonia (and other undiagnosed symptoms), and my local surgery E1 Health Centre.

Please do not get me wrong I am still extremely grateful to Dr Dunford, Dr Bains, who along with Dr Ye

i truly owe my life today,

These are wonderful, kind, caring and exceptionally skilled individuals deserving of praise of the highest order.

It is the likes of Dr Khaku and his junior colleagues, seemingly a new breed of health worker motivated by an unseen and dark force, marking a shift in the emphasis in the way in which our community is cared for and treated.

I am old-fashioned and do not care for this abrupt, "zooming" and impersonal approach to health care and believe it is vital to the continued success and evolution of mankind that we tread very carefully.

Re Covid - 19 i have no answers only to add that the sooner the truth is revealed the better in my humble opinion.

In the meantime I’ll do my best to finish #RevealtheLove, Deadcuts Third LP. Be safe be lucky, god bless Mark Keds

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